Young Entreprenuers In Africa

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By 2030 over 420 Million Africans Will be jobless,

Traditionally Africans with education were much guaranteed of  nice jobs and better life as compared to their uneducated counterparts and with years trends have changed dramatically, jobs are few yet graduate schools are filled up with so many job seekers in the making.

Governments alone cannot provide these jobs. That’s why unemployment is a huge burden, and a major headache for every country on the continent.

In order to create a future that would be threatened by violent, criminals that will result in desperate graduates failing to get employment, there is need to create urgent jobs that will eradicate poverty, improve the quality of people’s lives and ensure economic excellence on the African Continent.

The most vulnerable are the youth and they make the biggest population in Africa.

But jobs don’t just exist. People create them.

That’s why entrepreneurs are special people. And Africa needs more of them, because they hold the keys to a brighter future for our continent.

Africa is the land with opportunities, free resources with less business competition, this gives Africans as a whole an opportunity to create solutions that solve African challenges and thus create a great number of jobs to all African unemployed youth, if only African youth could choose to get out off their comfort zone just for 4 hours per day.

the lack of unemployment in most African youth is due to lack of information, lack of a defined skill set, wrong mindset  ,culture and the theoretical education system, ignorance and lack of faith in the Almighty.

With almost free and plenty of fertile land, why would an African starve of food, with fresh waters in rivers, swamps and lakes across Africa why would the youth fail to see an opportunity either in agriculture, fishing industry, innovations.

with free and a million medicinal herbs in Africa, why wouldn’t the youth see an opportunity in that.

With free and available precious stones and minerals in Africa why wouldn’t the youth realize and embrace art and make  business out.

With just a little bit mind stimulating we shall be able to get African youth at the top of the African industrial revolution because the youth are able and are capable of doing anything.

Our Mission at Arinda Notes is to groom African Youth into global citizens, people who think beyond their comfort zones. We need to help in inspiring African youth into responsible people who not only live to survive but succeed in life.

We at Arinda Notes shall provide them with tools and information that cuts the edge from self awareness through prayer and reading, business ethic training and entrepreneurship and shall conduct seminars to help them grow into Global Entrepreneurs who will use the knowledge to solve African problems to solve global challenges.


Inspire and Mentor.

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