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The rate at which changes are taking place in our society and the kinds of change taking place may be scary and mind-boggling. We see the things we used to take as solid washed away before our very own eyes. We see those we considered as foundational being pulled from under our feet. Terrible things seem to be happening all around us. Evil seems to be on the increase. The culture of death is all so pervasive. Wars are being waged from all corners. Innocent children are being killed by their own mothers before they see the light of day. What can we build on? Whom can we trust?
All things in the created order are mutable; they are liable to change and corruption, and will ultimately pass away. God’s Word is immutable, unchangeable, not liable to corruption. It is not circumstantial. It is timeless. It issues from His very nature. It is natural to Him. We can surely build on this foundation.
So, find out what God’s Word says. Choose to obey it, to be directed by it. Design your life around it. Make your contribution to society according to it. Design and direct institutions according to it. His Word can be found in the divine revelation in nature and Scripture. He speaks to your conscience (albeit with a gentle still voice).
Even I’m the face of the unstable surroundings, you’ll not be shaken. You’ll live your life in the satisfaction of being and doing what you ought to be and do. You’ll make your contribution in the world. You’ll fulfill your destiny according to His Word. Then you’ll hand over the baton (that’s very important). When your time comes, you’ll hold your head high and move on into the immutable realm of eternity, according to His Word.
Ask yourself today: In which aspects of my life am I not being guided by God’s Word? Then, make the necessary changes.
May Jesus Christ grant, that rooted in God’s Word, we may be unshaken by what is temporary and passing.

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    Geez, that’s unleaievbble. Kudos and such.

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