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Once God purposes to do something, no one will stop Him. He is all powerful. What we consider obstacles are no obstacle to Him. What we think are the most adverse situations are no block to His working. Actually, He works, not inspite of them, but through, and by, them. You may look upon your situation as adversity, He looks at it as a stepping stone for you, a platform from which you’ll receive your blessings. Take courage. He’ll manifest powerfully, even paradoxically: the Cross is a sign of victory! There’s one thing though: because we have FREE WILL, we can reject God’s purposes for our lives. He’ll not force Himself in.

One of the ways we perceive God’s purposes in life is through His Word. Here, He tells us what we ought to do. He makes certain statements and assertions. He challenges us to always take the highway of righteousness. His Word is true. It’s efficacious. It’ll achieve what He sends it to do. If we accept it in our lives and live by it, we’ll enjoy God’s blessings in abundance. God speaks through many ways. If He sends you for a mission (into that office, school, family, position, etc), go forward in power, fulfill it. People may question you, our try to oppose you. You have the authority of the Master. Deliver what He asked you for.

If we could cooperate with God’s purpose and obey His Word, it would result into such a powerful manifestation of God’s glory that it would be uncontainable! Even out if other people decided not to notice, or if they decided to ignore it, our if they simply chose to keep their mouths shut, nature itself (even stones) would shout it out. Your surroundings (workplace, school, results, neighbourhood, etc) would shout it out. What things is God telling you about your life? What steps are you taking?

May God, through Jesus Christ, transform your cross into a flag of victory.

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  1. Hildah
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    Hey Daniel, I love your Caesar’s Sunday thought.It is really a reminder of God’s purpose towards man kind.

    • Trish
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      As Charlie Sheen says, this article is “WNI!INGN”

  2. Wilma
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    Your website has to be the elocirentc Swiss army knife for this topic.

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